Price: $250

Seller: Diana Jackson
State: Arkansas
City: Delaware
Zip code: 43015
Type: Movies & Music

This is a vintage spinet Kimball piano in good condition.  It needs tuned, the cabinate is in good condition.  This piano plays nicely and would be great for someone who is learning how to play piano. 
My daughter is graduating from boot camp in San Antonio Texas and i am going down there to be with her.  So this is a good time to sell this piano.  I have had this piano since , both my daughter learned how to play on it.  I bought it from a school teacher in Findlay Ohio.
$250 is a good price.  I talked to a music store and they told me I could sell it for $400 $500.  So i figure it needing to be moved and tuned $250 is a fair price. 
please text me if you are interested...  409 835